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Despite our low prices, we have proven time and time again that our hosting platform can meet the needs of any size and type of client. - Mexico's largest web portal with over 5,000,000 hits per day
Harry S. Truman College - City college in Chicago with over 30,000 students
Warrior Lacrosse - World's largest manufacturer of Lacrosse gear - Publicly traded online mortgage company
Great Lakes Credit Union - One of Ohio's oldest credit unions
Illinois 2nd Judicial Circuit - Illinois state circuit court system
Pulaski Country Sheriff's Office - Pulaski County Sherriff's official website
Columbia County - Columbia County municipal website
Asheville United Way - Regional United Way organization
Ramada Plaza Beach Resort - Popular hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, FL - The official website of Macho Man Randy Savage
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We feel that the quality of our service would make each of our customers want to recommend us to others. Below is a list of randomly selected customers whom anyone is welcome to contact for references. Please feel free to click on the links below to test the speed of our servers, as we challenge you to find a host with faster loading customer websites. - NAPLES, FL  USA - STALLINGS, NC  USA - NORFOLK, VA  USA - GERMANTOWN, WI  USA - SAUGUS, CA  USA - SAN FRANCISCO, HEREDIA  COSTA RICA - GöTEBORG, SE  SWEDEN - BERWYN, PA  USA - HONG KONG, FL  HONG KONG - BARCELONA, -  SPAIN
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We would like to thank the customers below who have taken the time to submit their feedback about our service. Messages are selected at random from our database of customer testimonials each time this page is loaded.
I was going out of town for July 4th holidays and could not get the autoresponder working. I needed to notify customers I would be away for a week. It was after 5:00PM and the weekend had started. I sent a request for help and within 5 minutes I had a response and I was ready to start my vacation, worry free. Thanks! Excellent support, and very fair prices..I have been a customer for over 3 years strong...
Paul Quincey
Orlando, FL
I lost my pics on my site, due to my own fault. I asked Cherie for help and got it in a big way. She is a professional in every sense of the word. She made my day!

Now I can go about my normal day without trying to be a webmaster of which I am not. I've been a Webmasters customer for four years and know I can count on their tech support. Oh what a relief it is!
Don Brown
Norton, OH
As the Membership Director for a national nonprofit organization, I looked for quite some time to find a web hosting provider that offered quality hosting at a reasonable price. I don't remember where I ran across, but I'm glad that I did. Great hosting with all the extras, excellent up-time, and a customer service department that truly cares. And all for a price of a bare bones provider. A rare pleasant surprise in the crowded web hosting market!
Jason Chmura
Canton, MI
Have had great success with your service and TNX
PS: I would like to restore only one Directory "ASIA" and it contents
from about a month ago - looked at restore feature and it was not clear as to how to do it ?? Can you advise
Walter Kransky
Arlington Heights, IL
Your customer support staff is excellent! I got email replies within 30 minutes average. Helped solve my problem. Again, Great Service.
Muhammad Hanif
Calgary, Canada
I was having problems with bad crawlers almost crashing my site. The support guys gave me excellent advice and even helped me with the robots.txt file to make sure I stayed well indexed, without the crawlers slowing it down.

Fantastic service. Thanks guys!
Mike Vessey
broadstone, United Kingdom
I had two service requests late in the afternoon today. Both of my problems were solved immediately, correctly, the first time.
Great customer service.
Harold McMillan
Austin, TX
in the HTML Analyzer can you add the ability to identify the images JPG, TIF. GIF etc that are not connected
to any item in listings
Walter Kransky
knoxville, TN
So far, so excellent! I am very happy to be back with you guys. Cheers. SP.
Stephane Poirier, M.Sc.
Montreal, Canada
Tammy was very prompt in responding to my e-mails. Our Webmaster is out of town and I needed to make payment to keep our account active. I didn't have the correct e-mail address for the Domain portion of our account and she sent me what I needed to know so I could continue the process to make our payment. The support was very professional, detailed and quick.
Cathi LaBonte
Austin, TX
I have a unique situation with our domain name that requires assistance from your technical staff on the installation of our SSL certificate. I just wanted to let you know that Curran Thomas has helped me out with this for two years in a row now and he has been very diligent about working on the problem and communicating with me.

I have been a technical support professional myself for many years and very much appreciate when someone that I depend on for support shows me the same courtesy that I strive to give to my customers everyday. Its very refreshing.

Keep up the great work!

Ed LeBlanc
OPIN Systems
Product Support Specialist
Ed LeBlanc
i Just transfered 7 domains to you guys, and your team helped me from start to finish with great communication.

Then of course (LOL) I had issues with connecting via FTP. The manner in that i was given instructions and the follow up was OUTSTANDING.


Jerry Deleon
Duluth, GA
Webmasters has the Bedt Service as I can attest for the past 15 years. They are friendly and are on call 24 hours / day. They do the little things for me that others will not. They also are up to date with their equipment and can help you when needed.
Thanks to everyone at Webmasters.
Donald A Brown
Gimme a Lift
Don Brown - President
fort mill, sc
My representative, John DeSantis, goes above and beyond his expectations of the Client Services Team. This representative has always been responsive, usually within 5-15 minutes of my original inquiry, and extremely helpful! There were problems I had with setting up complex e-commerce files, and John was able to help me successfully get it up and running! Absolute top-notch, superior and outstanding customer service. Lauten Corporation and Phunctional Design extend a standing ovation for and their superb customer support representatives!
Jared Tame
Mableton, GA
I recently signed up with and I am very pleased with the results. Your set-up guide was easy to follow and made my first transition to another host painless. With Front Page extensions and your very elaborate control panel, I feel more in control and spend less time doing my updates.
Jack Iddon
Fairhaven, MA
I feel support went above and beyond to help me out - specifically Paul Schultz. My site was down and I was feeling pretty frustrated. Instead of just telling me how to resolve the issue, Paul found out what it was and then made the adjustment to get my site back up.

I have always been very pleased with the timely responses from Support. Thank you for all your help.
Sue Seay
Kalama, WA
I had a concern about the latest worm that is wrecking havoc on websites worldwide since october 8th 2009 and C. Schmidt of the Client Services team provided with an excellent eplenation about what can be done against it and how to prevent future variaties of such therats. In short: did a great job to put my fears to rest!! Thanks!!
Marcus DeMaaijer
Willemstad, Netherland Antilles
Paul Schultz promptly answered my questions about setting up a domain to forward to my hosting account and was extremely helpful in showing me what I needed to do. Great customer service, thank you!
Andrew Prazuch
Alexandria, VA
Oh my goodness! Your service is excellent. You solved my problem within 5 minutes! It was a silly problem, but being so busy, I didn't think to check the DNS settings. That is why I am switching every site I manage to Webmasters - because of the support and because of the ease-of-use of your Control Panel. Thank you so much!
Rhonda Feldbauer
Sharpsburg, GA
Amelia stephenson
Deale, MD
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